Global Warming Saved The World

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Bill Nye said

“Humans have changed the climate so drastically that we almost certainly avoided another ice age. There would have been another ice age. Ain’t gonna happen, because of you and me.”

Tucker interviews mechanical engineer, TV personality, and secret polar bear Bill Nye

He said it as if it were a bad thing. His reasoning is that the rate of climate change is so fast that other species, and poor people on coasts, are not able to adapt.

But we really should be giving ourselves a round of applause. Only polar bears would benefit from another ice age, which makes me think that Nye is a secret polar bear. You thought it was lizard aliens who secretly ruled us, but it’s polar bears. The ruling elite are afraid of global warming because they are secret polar bears.

Nye also mentioned that grapes can now be grown in England. This is supposed to be bad news, evidence that the climate is swinging wildly out of control. English grapes and no ice age are not reasons to panic. They are reasons to rejoice, and proof that we are more than capable of adapting to the change. Global warming has made the world a better place. A 2016 NASA study proved that the world is now greener because of global warming. This is not surprising to anyone who knows that carbon dioxide is plant food.

Climate panic is used to manipulate votes from a fearful public and to divert tax revenues to government-sponsored scientists. Climate scientists get tax funds, politicians get votes, and Democrat voters get to feel like they are saving the world from the evil Republicans.

If you question panic-driven climate policies Bill Nye thinks maybe you should go to jail. To Tucker Carlson’s credit, he brought this up with Nye, who tried to brush it off. In a previous interview with Marc Morano, Nye had considered the possibility of jailing climate skeptics.

Morano: What’s your thought on jailing skeptics as war criminals?

Nye: We’ll see what happens was it appropriate to jail the guys from Enron?

Morano: Interesting.

Nye: Ok, right? So, we’ll see what happens… The introduction of this extreme doubt about climate change is effecting my quality of life as a public citizen.

The bad news for Nye is that climate change is good. When weighing the pros and cons of climate change we need to keep in mind that we humans prevented an ice age. This is not cause to panic, but rather to celebrate. Celebrating climate change instead of panicking should not be a jail-able offense. The Polar bears will be fine, their numbers have been increasing, though they are hard to count because they will try to eat you. But Polar bears like Bill Nye remain worried, because they want the world to be covered in ice.

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