Christians From Stone

Two-thousand years ago Caesar went to sleep not knowing his kingdom had been overthrown. While he lay on his pillow a man he had never heard of had been tortured to death. Mockers, filled with the spirit of Satan had laughed as Christ bled on the cross. A stone had been cut without hands and had smashed the feet out from under the idol that Caesar had built for himself. For in those days, as in ours, men worshipped not God, but other men; they had no god but Caesar. But a new race of men had been born, as if formed from rock to be children to Abraham, and children of God. They would never kneel to worship other men, because the kingdom of God was within them.

Herod knew the threat that God posed to earthly authority. He lied to the magi, the first Christians, who were from a foreign nation to the East. He pretended that he would honor God, while secretly he wanted to murder God.

Our choice, then as now, is whether we will worship Caesar, or whether we will worship God. Caesar will offer us wealth and comfort. He will offer us entertainment and protection. He will offer us the world, if we but kneel. Christ will make you a king. He will free you from sin, and you will be free indeed.

Christians do not kneel to men. We obey earthly authority, but we do not worship it, for we know it is given by the prince of this world who murders the innocent blood. We kneel to God alone, who redeems the transgressors. Our tongues confess that His judgement is just.

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