An Inchoate Fear of Doomsday

An autistic child celebrity has been used to promote Climate Panic and Virus Panic. This has been mocked, for how could a teenager be an expert on anything, let alone the two most pressing crises of the day? This foolish stunt has pulled the cloth off of the tent, and revealed a circus show, making it clearer that the Corporate Media does not inform, it propagandizes. But it has revealed something even deeper.

Climate Panic and Virus Panic have something in common, and the autistic screeching child is an expert in that common denominator: Doomsday. The Day of Judgement. The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord. The End of the World. The Eschaton.

The world has abandoned Christ, and moved on to science. We now see they have not abandoned gods, only the True and Living God do they trample under their feet. But they return like a dog to the vomit of pagan Earth worship. Yet the dread of judgement looms over them. They cannot escape their fallen nature, and the innate shame that we, humans, have done something wrong. We deserve damnation. We deserve judgement.

An intimation of hellfire motivates these new pagans to lash themselves, and lashout at the rest of us, with the familiar and comforting message: “the end is near.” A terrible end does await us all, without Christ. These new pagans, who have abandoned Christ, cannot shake the haunting fear of pointless death and endless damnation, which awaits all who do not call upon Christ and repent.

The saddest aspect of the new pagans, is that their attempt to save nature has already failed. God will consume this world in fire. The scientists tell us it will happen in about 4 billion years, when the Sun consumes the Earth. All that they have worked to preserve is already destined for destruction. Without resurrection in Christ, all of our works are sandcastles built by idiot children who think they lay the foundation for some great and lasting kingdom.