Why Sodom Fell

In his book, Collapse, Jared Diamond catalogued a dozen societies that ended, and gleaned what we can learn from their mistakes, so the same does not happen to us. Here is another example:

Sodom fell. It was destroyed by God. The parallels to our society are stark enough that one should hesitate to dismiss it as fairy tales. We are next, if we do not correct our actions and repent.

A summary: Lot, Abraham’s nephew, had some visitors. The townsfolk came out to “welcome” the visitors by gang-raping them. Lot would not let the townsfolk abuse his guests.

The townsfolk were infuriated by Lot. But the reason for their anger is telling: “he is acting like our judge!”

Judgement. Sodomites could not stand judgement.

Lot told the Sodomites that their actions were wrong. For that, they were going to “do worse” to him than they intended to his visitors.

We know the truth when our understanding overlaps with reality. If we cannot hear the truth, our deviations from reality cannot be corrected. Our actions are blind, which makes a crash inevitable.

Moral of the story: If the mob can destroy those who tell the truth, society is on the brink of collapse.

It is time to let the judgements of God be known to those who deviate from His laws.