From Spilled Seed to Awful Harvest

There’s an odd scripture in the Old Testament of a man named Onan who “spilled [his semen] on the ground” instead of impregnating his wife. For this, God killed him. Everything in this story appears ridiculous to the modern reader. And yet it is fulfilled before our very eyes as if it were prophecy.

The word “seed” is used for semen in the Bible. It is a fitting word, because we are now reaping the harvest of “spilled” seed.

“I did not invent the casting couch,” Harvey Weinstein said during his trial for sexual assault. He referred to the common practice in Hollywood for women to have sex with powerful men in order to get ahead. Weinstein pointed out that he was a scapegoat. The sins of Hollywood were put on his head, as if he were the only one guilty. Hollywood could cast him out, and pretend like they had atoned for their lasciviousness. They have not.

Numberless men have traded power for sex, and numberless women traded sex for power. This fostered a culture of sex outside of marriage, a culture that Hollywood successfully normalized through its film propaganda.

Sex outside of marriage leads to pregnancy. There are two solutions, one responsible, one irresponsible. The responsible solution is to marry, and take care of the child. The irresponsible solution is to kill the baby. Hollywood has successfully normalized the killing of babies through its propaganda.

The tide on sexual morality is turning. We are fifty years into the experiment of abandoning Christian sexual mores, and things are not going well. The #metoo movement is an attempt for those who have rejected Christ to try to escape the consequences. Normalizing sex before marriage increases the number of sexual solicitations women will receive, both voluntary and forced. Increased incidents of rape is a necessary consequence of rejecting sexual mores. Christian culture has been replaced with rape culture.

Abortion is touted as a woman’s right. Famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz takes that argument to one of its logical conclusion. “a female old enough to have the freedom to choose abortion, should be deemed old enough to decide whether to have sex.” If a teenage girl has the right to an abortion, then old men have the right to have sex with teenage girls. Dershowitz’ argument makes Jeffrey Epstein no longer a pedophile. Two of Epstein’s underaged victims accused Dershowitz of being one of the men who took advantage of them. It is not hard to see why he would make these arguments.

“Abortion is a woman’s right” has a second logical conclusion: no one has a right to life. Life, liberty, and property are the three fundamental rights granted by God and implicit in the ten commandments. If a woman has a “right” to take life, then life itself is no longer a right. The right to live, given by God, has been replaced by the right to kill, granted by the state, and defended by alleged pedophiles like Alan Dershowitz.

Abandoning Christian sexual standards has increased rape and pedophilia, normalized abortion, and jeopardized our right to life. God destroys those who ignore His laws.

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