Why You’ll Never Say the Correct Anti-Racist Thing

You are afraid to say the wrong thing.

As George Floyd’s murder sparked protests across the globe, you’ve wanted to do the right thing. You care. You know that you’re not a saint, but you see that there is deep pain in the world, and wrongs to be righted, and you want to help. The only problem is, no matter what you do, you’ll be wrong.

So you stay silent. Or you say the words you are supposed to say—bumper sticker words that someone else came up with. And there’s fear that you might not be doing it right. 

What is happening? Why does it feel so strange to speak?

Your desire to do good is being hijacked by people who would use your compassion to destroy the family, Christianity, and the Constitution.

Your sadness and horror about what happened to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others is appropriate. Many people participating in recent protests earnestly want justice. But the current movement is also tied up in an ideology that was meant to destroy society. This article will help you see how that ideology is working so you don’t fall into the trap of destroying what you care about. 

Making you Afraid to Talk

When someone makes you afraid to speak before you even know what to think, you are dealing with a Marxist. Marxism is named for Karl Marx, who wrote the Communist Manifesto.

Marxism is Anti-Christ.

To Marx, there were no laws and rights given by God, because there is no God. He said, “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality.” To Marx, laws are not based on justice, they are “the will of your class made into law.” He means that the laws protecting your home from arson, your property from theft, and your family from violence, are not based on justice. They are just selfish things that you want. And such laws are in the way of violent revolution.

Marx set out to destroy the family structure, to destroy private property, and to take over education systems so that he could indoctrinate children against their parents and culture. 

Marx knew he could use education to destroy the family. If he could get children away from their parents, and fill their heads with Marxist doctrine, he could get them to turn against their parents. Mao, the Chinese ruler, inspired by Marx, supported children and young students to use violence against their teachers, and against other students who did not agree with them, as a way to take over universities.

Marx has succeeded. Parents who send their children to university know this when their children come home changed, angry, and revolutionary.

Why do they want to destroy the family?

They say it is to give children freedom, to free them from the exploitation and authoritarianism of their parents. The family is where children learn their values. Parents teach their kids the wrong values. If children believe in God, and value their own culture, they will be less likely to participate in the Communist Revolution, which requires violence, and the destruction of culture.

We thought the Cold War was over, and we were taught that the “Red Scare” lead by Joseph McCarthy, was something of an awful joke, involving accusations against innocent people. 

Now innocent people are being accused.

McCarthy was right. Marxists work in our government, teach and study in our universities, worship in our churches. Many of them have a desire to create a better world, just like you. But their ideology will inevitably destroy our society if we do not speak the truth against it.

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse is a classic tactic to get your enemies to accept their destruction because it is disguised as something good.

The government likes to do this with the laws it passes. “The Patriot Act” is a classic example of legislation that overrides God-given rights. Patriots swear to defend the Constitution. The Patriot Act overrides the Constitution by allowing you to be searched without a warrant. Arguing against the act sounds unpatriotic:

“You don’t like the Patriot Act? You must not be a patriot.”

See how that works.

A funny but imaginary example is the Anti Bad Guy Squad.

Americans everywhere are accused of racism. This accusation is enough to get people fired. The accusation works, because racism is not acceptable in our society. If you are accused of racism, polite society kicks you out, because the vast majority of people in our country are against racism. We take pride in being the country that saved the Jews from Hitler, and that shed our own blood to end slavery.

Those who hate our country and want to overthrow it know this about us, and use it to destroy those very values.

In this instance, the Trojan Horse is eliminating racism, which is a worthy goal. The danger hidden inside this noble ideal is Marxist ideology that intends to destroy the family, Christianity, and the Constitution.

How do they use our best intentions against us? With language. That is why you are afraid to speak. Our country is at war, and the battlefield is words. One common tactic is to use two definitions for one word. For example, Marxists do not use the word “racist” in the same way Christians do.

The majority view of racism I’ll call the Christian View:

Racism is judging someone by the color of their skin instead of the by the content of their character.

It is the racism MLK fought against. It is the kind of racism that many black people still experience today. It is the kind of racism that you are against when you want to say the right thing. It is valid and important, if we are to actually be Christians, to root out this kind of racism wherever we are.

A recent Sesame Street Episode explained this kind of racism to children. Elmo’s dad said:

“Racism is when people treat other people unfairly because of the way they look or the color of their skin.”

Elmo’s dad then said that “people are upset because racism is a huge problem in our country.”

The racism people are upset about, however, is not the Christian View described above, but the Marxist View.

The Marxist View

The fundamental Marxist assumption is that there are two classes of people, oppressor and oppressed. In The Communist Manifesto he wrote, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles…” between “…oppressor and oppressed.” To Marxists, the oppressed can only gain their freedom by destroying the current system, and the oppressor always acts to maintain the oppressive system.

Marx talked about problems as “systemic.” To Marx, the “systemic” problem was Capitalism. In other words, the Capitalist system had to be destroyed. When Marxists say that racism is systemic, they mean that our current society is oppressive, and that it must be destroyed to free the oppressed.

Marx saw Capitalism as exploitative. The worker, Marx prophesied, would eventually get tired of his exploitation and overthrow the system. But Marx was disappointed with the working class. Instead of overthrowing the system and gaining their “freedom,” they settled for smaller amenities like higher wages, fewer work hours, and a day or two off. So later Marxists in the 20th century, who wanted to destroy the Capitalist system, had to find a new class of oppressor and oppressed, so they turned to race. 

The Marxist View of Racism is: 
Not accepting Marx’s theory that history is a struggle between classes of “oppressor and oppressed.”

Marxists will not agree with this definition because doing so will destroy their ability to use this word as a weapon. But you can see that they in fact mean it this way, because they label the following people as “racists,” or “white supremacists.”

According to the Marxist version, the following people are racist white supremacists:

Thomas Sowell is a white supremacist (Marxists say he “carries water” for white supremacists) because he thinks black people can cause and solve their own problems.
The black cop is racist, because he is defending the racist “system,” which must be destroyed.
All of these men, including the two black men, are racists because they are protecting the “system” from getting destroyed by looters. The news reporter who interviewed them did his best to crop the black men out of the shot, but they kept stepping in.
The father in the picture above is a racist white supremacist, because when he was attacked by Antifa communists, he defended himself. He is now in prison, and his baby daughter, Liberty, will not get to see him for the next four years.

The apparent contradiction between the pictures above and what you thought racism meant is resolved when you know that the corporate press is referring to the Marxist View of racism when they label these people as racists.

Marxists use this confusion to their advantage. When they label someone as racist, that person loses their reputation, and usually their job. This works because when a Christian hears “racist,” the words of Elmo’s dad come to mind, jerks who “treat other people unfairly because of the way they look or the color of their skin.”

The Marxists mean by “racist,” someone who disagrees with their ideology. The word “racist” becomes a powerful tool that Marxists use to silence people who disagree with them.

But if you push back on being labeled a racist, Marxists are likely to say, “It’s not an insult because we’re all racist, whether we know it or not. We all have unknown biases because the problem is systemic.” They will use the word one way when they are trying to destroy someone’s reputation or get them fired, and another way when they are caught doing this.

We’ve already seen how Marxists purposefully confuse the meaning of “racism” to trick Christians into willingly silencing those who oppose communism. The same thing is happening again under the guise of helping black people.

Just like there are two definitions of racism—one Christian, one Marxist—so there are two definitions of “black lives matter.”

Lowercase blm

The lowercase “black lives matter” means what it says. It means we care about black people. 

It means black people should not be treated differently because of the color of their skin; this is especially true for police officers: the police should execute the law fairly, regardless of race. This is where your empathy is, and ought to be. There are many worthy goals and actions that have been inspired by this message.

Uppercase BLM™

The uppercase “Black Lives Matter” (BLM™) is a corporation that is sponsored by other corporations, including Amazon, Netflix, Nike, and Microsoft, that funnels money directly to Democrats.

At least two of the three founders of BLM™ are Marxists. Founder Alicia Garza, is “a self-proclaimed Marxist” according to her Wikipedia page, and founder Opal Timetti took a selfie with Nicholas Maduro, the communist dictator of Venezuela. So it is no surprise that BLM™ supports the Marxist goal destroying the family, which was one of the stated goals of Marx in his Communist Manifesto.

If the BLM™ promotes something you disagree with, like dismantling “cisgender privilege,” (university jargon meaning Christian sexual morality), or disrupting the “the nuclear family structure,” (both listed on the the BLM™ website under “What We Believe”), or forming a military to fight police, then they can say “you disagree with BLM™,” but what people hear is, “you disagree with black lives matter.” Then they call you a racist for not going along with the questionable actions of a corporation.

Again, when they call you racist, Christians hear “someone who hates black people,” whereas they mean “someone who disagrees with Marx.” Intentional confusion is a powerful weapon.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

The best lies are based in the truth. When the snake tricked our first parents (Adam and Eve) he said they would “be like God,” which God admitted was true. Adam and Eve thought they were doing something good, when they were doing something bad.

Marxists base their lies in the truth. They say that black people have a different experience than white people. That is true. It is also true that you have a different experience than your neighbor. If you have siblings, your experience growing up was different from theirs. If you are black, your experience has been different from Obama’s. 

The lie is that you are more than the group you belong to. You are an individual. Barack Obama and Donald Trump have much more in common with each other than they do with anyone who does not have several millions of dollars in the bank. 

Marxists see you as your class. Your individual actions, hopes, dreams, and ideas are relevant only insofar as they contribute to the revolution or slow it down. If a person in the “oppressed class” disagrees with Marxism, they label him a “class traitor,” or “not black.”

Thomas Sowell, in his provocatively titled book, White Liberals, Black Rednecks, makes the claim that a lot of black culture is southern culture. It makes some sense, given that black and southern culture grew together for several hundred years. Sowell then points out that the white liberal has done much to harm black communities, while claiming it was saving them.

Sowell might be right, he might be wrong. But if you read Thomas Sowell, you will be suspected of racism, because Thomas Sowell is a proponent of White Supremacy, according to the Marxists. 

The Marxists do not want you to think; they want you to obey. Berkley students rioted and started fires when homosexual conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was invited to speak. Antifa attacked attendees of a speech by Jewish conservative Michael Cernovich, beating and choking a Jewish attendee unconscious because they thought he was a Nazi. To them, logic is a weapon used by the oppressors to justify their oppressive system. Because logic is a weapon, speech is violence, so they counter speech with actual violence. (Violence is another word that Marxists define differently from Christians.)

If you watch the news, you likely think we are living through the apocalypse. If you go outside, you will likely see your neighbors and say “hi.” The news does not show us reality. It shows us a story it wants us to believe. That story keeps us divided against each other. A divided people is easier to rule. If we hate and fear each other, we cannot unite and solve our problems together. We “need” someone to solve them for us.

An example of media bias: you are being told that blacks are being hunted. Remember that the best lies are based in truth. Cops are shooting a lot of black people, which should be condemned for the tragedy that it is. Videos of cops shooting blacks are reported widely by the corporate press.  Have you seen the man who was beaten to death while begging for his life (Kelly Thomas); or the unarmed man who was shot to death, even though he begged for his life as he crawled, unarmed, in a hallway (Daniel Shaver); or the 21-year-old who was shot to death in his bed during a no-knock raid (Duncan Lemp)? Probably not. All of the men described above were white. The corporate press does not share videos of cops shooting white people. Is that not odd? The corporate media ignores those stories, because they are not part of the narrative.

Police violence is an issue that all people care about. Reforms are possible. Marxists do not want to reform the system, they want to destroy it. Whites are supposed to hate blacks, blacks are supposed to hate whites, and both are supposed to hate cops. If they make police violence a race issue, they can keep us divided from each other, and prevent us from solving the problem. 

Why are they telling this story?

Two Possible Americas

Marxist ideology led to violent revolution in Russia, Ukraine, China, Cambodia, and North Korea. Those who did not go along with the revolution were murdered en masse. Marxism is not a system, it is a revolution, obsessed with destroying all “systems” by calling them oppressive, or racist (hence the term, “systemic racism”).

Racism has been redefined as “systemic,” which means anyone who does not agree with the communist dismantling of Western civilization is “racist.”

They want to dismantle the family, Christianity, and the Constitution. That’s what they mean when they say that racism is “systemic.” It means they want to destroy the system.

Destroyed cities are a physical manifestation of their destructive ideology.

Marxists claim that the horrors of the revolution (the murder, the looting, the destruction) will end when the revolution succeeds. But revolution is the goal. The revolution never ends once Marxists take power. In Soviet Russia, Alexander Solzhenitsyn was sentenced to ten years hard labor for criticizing Stalin in a personal letter to a friend. For Marxists, disagreeing with their revolution is evidence that you support the oppressor class. So when you point out the flaw in their system, they have to silence you. They do not want to hear the other side of the argument.

Many Marxists are like you. Empathetic. Hearts in the right place. They want to change the world. But Marxist ideology convinces people to see themselves as either “oppressor” or “oppressed.” The “oppressed” are perpetual victims who are not responsible for their own actions, and therefore unable to repent. “Oppressors” are guilty whether or not they act, and so are also unable to repent. Marxism does not allow for repentance, so reconciliation is impossible. Violence becomes the only solution. And it creates a world where little children feel guilty for the color of their skin.

Marxism is anti-Christ.

According to the Marxists, white people have “privilege” (an ill-defined concept that means you should always feel guilty) because the racist “system” is built for them. To Marx, laws are merely the will of the oppressor class. Whites are the oppressor class, so they should feel guilty and work to overthrow the oppressive system (of the family, Christianity, and the Constitution).

The sickest part of the Marxist lie—that America is full of racists—is that Marxist thinking necessarily leads to racist thinking. Racism is based on judging someone for their group instead of for their individual merits. Marxists judge you based on your class, or group, not on your individual merit. Individuals who belong to the so-called oppressor class are guilty for existing—not for their actions—which is called “class guilt.” “White guilt” is a barely disguised regurgitation of Marxist “class guilt” dogma. Racism is the new class guilt that has been foisted on America. Because Marxists are anti-Christ, there can be no forgiveness for the sin of racism, even for actions that are hundreds of years old. The only cure for “systemic” racism is revolution. The system of the family, Christianity, and the Constitution must be destroyed. “No borders, no wall, no United States at all,” is a common chant by antifa communists.

For Marxists, you are guilty of racism for existing. Your arguments against that accusation are evidence of your guilt. If you disagree with the tearing down of your civilization, you are racist. Marxism is antithetical to the Gospel. Marxism is anti-Christ.

We can aim for Marx’s utopia of perpetual revolution based on hatred of people because of what group they belong to. Or we can teach our children to love themselves. To love others. And even, to love their enemies.

You decide.

As for me and my house, we will serve Jesus Christ.

What can you do?

  1. Remember the little black girl whose dad’s in prison because he fought antifa? You can donate to help her mom raise her (https://justiceforliberty.com/)
  2. Read your Bible and pray to God. Christ forgives sins, and reconciles men of all nations, ethnicities, and languages.
  3. Get married, in a church, with vows to stay together until death. Stay together until death, through poverty, wealth, thinness, fatness, sickness, etc.
  4. Have children. Read the Bible with them, and other good books.
  5. Do not send your child to a Marxist college. Try Hillsdale, Thomas Aquinas College, or Brigham Young University. Do your research. There are also books on skipping college, and there are work programs, like Praxis, that are alternatives to college.
  6. Learn to hear Marxist propaganda. For example: white guilt, white privilege, white comfort, white fragility. Notice that Marxists lump individuals into groups and label them either oppressors or oppressed. Oppressors will be guilted, and the oppressed will be babied. 
  7. When you recognize Marxist propaganda, confront it with the truth. Something as simple as, “That is Marxist. I am not a Marxist. I am a Christian.”

Further Reading

  1. New Discourses (website and podcast). Explores the ins and outs of Marxist “critical theory.”
  2. Neil Shenvi dissects Marxist words like “white privilege,” and Marxist literature like White Fragility.
  3. The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul. A short read that will make you want to be a better American patriot.
  4. Socialism by Ludwig von Mises. Mises proved the unworkability of socialism over 100 years ago.
  5. Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard. America is a truly blessed country, which has blessed the world with prosperity and freedom. May God mend her every flaw.
  6. Follow Andy Ngo on Twitter. Andy covers the violence of Antifa that the corporate press ignores. Andy has been attacked by an Antifa mob.
  7. The Book of Mormon which calls all men to come unto Christ. It also details how the government is often infiltrated by murderers and liars who corrupt the laws for their own benefit.

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